Sunday, February 5, 2012

Organizing Tidbits

Since we’ve been back in Austin for the off-season, I’ve been in super-organize mode. While I’d love to think that I can do all the cool ideas I find on Pinterest, turns out DIY for me means “Don’t Involve Yourself.” However, these few ideas are manageable and make a nice difference!

Brought to you by IKEA
Great use of Colt's fishing line :)
Bedding sets in pillowcases

*Thanks Pinterest for all these super duper ideas!*


  1. Oh my heck!!! Those are all fantastic and I'm going to get that gift wrap one done asap! P.S. I hear ya on that "don't involve yourself" thing. We must be related. Haha.

  2. Who would have thought to put bedding sets in pillowcases?! That's ingenious!! :)